Chemical plants: Optimum protection at DC 24 V

Electrical systems in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry often have long load lines, a DC 24 V supply and many loads supplied by one source. In addition, there are often problems with selective trip in the event of a short circuit at the load.

E-T-A supports the planning process with a simple calculation tool to realise the best possible selection of the correctly rated circuit breakers. Additionally, we offer suitable power distribution systems.

Planning tool for simulating a load circuit:

Our excel tool allows simulation of a single load circuit under “worst case” conditions: short circuit at the load. The basic values for cable cross section, supply voltage and load current can be entered as case-related specifications in the chart. The tool also allows selection of various circuit breaker models or MCBs and their ratings.

A chart illustrates the trip thresholds of the selected protective element in dependence of the length of the selected cable (Cu value, cross section and ambient temperature). System planners recognise at once at which distance between load and distribution a reliable short circuit trip is still ensured.

The tool can be downloaded free of charge here and you can start planning immediately: