Electrification with the 48-volt on-board electrical system requires special protection

The EU has agreed on emission reduction targets according to which newly registered heavy utility vehicles should emit on average 15 % less CO2 in 2025 than in 2019. A reasonable possibility to save fuel is the partial electrification with a 48-volt on-board electrical system, which is already taking place in modern passenger cars:

  • Recuperation and sailing function when the combustion engine is switched off save fuel and thus reduce CO2 emissions
  • An increasing number of new load circuits with higher power requirements are pushing the 12/24-volt on-board electrical system of various vehicles to its limits.
  • No high-voltage safety requirements for the 48-volt voltage level

Higher operating voltage requires adequate protective elements and switching components

Compared to the 12/24-volt on-board electrical system the arc in 48-volt on-board electrical systems becomes a severe source of danger: The permanent thermal stress from the arc can cause damage to electrical contacts in components or in wiring harnesses. In order to minimise the risk of fire, cables in the wiring harness must be protected against overheating due to overcurrent and short circuits.

E-T-A provides an adequate portfolio of circuit breakers and power relays for use in vehicles. These protect the on-board electrical systems against overcurrent and switch off loads in a controlled manner even in the event of a failure.

E-T-A power relays with a minimum of power consumption

Our mechanical power relays convince with water and dust-proofness to IP6K9K and extremely high shock and vibration values. The EPR10 electronic power relay is ideal for applications which must be switched frequently. Please contact us if you are interested in our DC 48 V power relays.

E-T-A circuit breaker reduce downtime

The powerful 1170 thermal automotive circuit breaker with tease-free and trip-free mechanisms offers optimised protection for on-board electrical systems with a voltage of up to DC 48 V. The high quality, robust design and extremely high switching capacity of our high-performance circuit breakers allow use even under most difficult environmental conditions.